This amazing metal and oak sculpture has been designed and created by Luke over many weeks to celebrate engine design, for Sportscarhire of Shrewsbury.

A real V8 engine forms the basis of the work, the hybrid design brings organic oak together with machined steel.  The metal parts and hoses from a variety of sources are re-worked and married to  carefully selected root-oak pieces, built up to mirror the structure of an engine with a supercharger and turbochargers to suggest extreme power, and create a unique sculpture with flowing forms.  The thick toughened glass of the table was specially commissioned with a central shaped hole so the engine comes up through it and can be seen as one unit rather than having to compromise the design by making it in two pieces.

Extensive details can be seen all around the piece, with hoses and fittings nestling everywhere among the warm varnished oak.

The sculpture now greets visitors whenever they arrive to hire an exciting supercar from Sportscarhire, or have their cars polished at the Perfect Polish detailing service, see links below;

A video clip also shows you around the engine sculpture in ‘Sculptures Gallery’ in the main menu above.