Luke Kite with sculpture Guardian of the Mystic Mirror
Luke Kite and Dragon Mirror

Luke Kite

Luke Kite has been a full-time sculptor since 2001, working only in metal until 2013 when he was inspired to start working with the beautiful Root Oak he found in Shropshire, developing new techniques and melding the oak with the characterful and varied treatment of steel he had developed to create really unique art pieces.

The majority of the wood is weathered Shropshire root oak, the remains of oak felling in the 1940’s, which is now dug or pulled out of the ground before the very long task of drying out and treating.

Luke is a Welshman who sculpted in Wales until moving to Shropshire in 2007. He takes a lot of inspiration from both places and revels in the Gothic myth and magic all around these beautiful ancient areas. His main passion is the challenge of finding a new creative project, and bringing his inspiration to life.

Every sculpture is unique and hand-crafted with care and time, ensuring only the highest quality and standards before completion.

Direct sales are organised by his friend Autumn Couzens – see facebook link below for his latest works.