Pegasus the Steel Winged Stallion

The mythical divine Greek stallion is the ideal subject for Luke’s craftwork and materials, in his latest Sharp Art.

The huge outstretched wings, feathers and writhing body capture the vitality of the beast as he leaps skywards, looking dramatic and exceptional from every angle. The horse’s character and realistic pose of every limb and feather is a real challenge to capture in steel, it’s a large heavyweight piece that becomes the centre of attention in any room. The swift stallion leaps from a hilltop formed from ancient Shropshire root-oak with beautiful fractures, graining and colour sealed below a polished clear coat, a natural work of art in itself.

We think that all the details – the dramatically flowing mane and feathers behind the large iron hooves – perfectly echo the flow of movement and air as he stamps, turns and lifts his wings to fly, before the hot-formed steel sets and is frozen forever.

Click on the video clip below;

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