The aerobatics of the large Red Kites swooping high above the Welsh countryside are a wonderful sight, this wood & oak sculpture ‘Silently Soaring’ by Luke Kite has a full-size wingspan of 1.2m.

Luke’s sculptures in June 2017 aim to capture their spirit, the flow of their feathers through the air and their attentive piercing stare on the hunt for prey.  The weathered and dried root oak pieces from his large collection are carefully selected for their shape and markings, the warm oak colour and texture contrasting with the sharp cold grey steel created around them to keep the flow of the piece looking as natural as possible.   The oak and steel have special finishes to preserve the gloss of the wood and resist tarnishing of the steel.   The natural variation of the aged Shropshire root oak, and the steel matched to it, makes every piece quite unique.